16 May 2010

Visit to Butaro Hospital across the lake from KAAC

On Saturday I had the opportunity to visit a hospital that is being built across the lake from the KAAC~R property. It is being built by Partners in Health with help, I believe, from the Clinton Foundation. In short, the afternoon was encouraging and informative.

It is very important that as KAAC works in Rwanda we approach the gospel of Jesus Christ holistically. An aspect of that we are trying to engage is allowing the community to benefit from this camp. We want the kids who will attend camp and the leaders who come with them to be impacted by the gospel. And we desire the people who live in the area and walk past each day, to grow to understand the love of Jesus through the work we do and our involvement in their community.

We often discuss the importance of having local materials to build with and employing locals during the construction phase (and after as well). Not having seen a large facility in the area built in this way, we ask questions about how it will happen. On my visit, many of my questions were answered, many more came to mind, but most importantly, I was given affirmation that we can accomplish what we feel we need to do and do it under the umbrella of holistic ministry.

I am very encouraged to begin building a relationship with the gentleman who is leading this project. I was given a tour and spent the afternoon and shared a meal with the him, the lead architect, their carpenter and a handful of locals who are on the work crew.

One thing that made a large impression was the on site carpentry shop. They are making almost everything there. They are not flying in beds from Uganda and materials from Kenya, but making them in Rwanda with their hands and using local materials. This is so wonderful. They are training people and people are working, keeping the money not only in Rwanda, but in the local community. There have been a few exceptions of items that are unable to be made from wood and lava rock. I guarantee I have not seen the local dark, porous lava rock look so beautiful in all of Rwanda.

Currently they have 3 shifts of people working around the clock, 7 days a week to finish the hospital on time, not African time, rather British time. Construction is due to be complete 15 June 2010 and will be visited by the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, for an opening ceremony.

At the end of the day, as I navigated the curves and potholes of the road to home, I was energized and hopeful. Friends, the visions and plans that I believe the Lord has given to KAAC are possible. The timing isn't exactly what we had planned, but if this hospital can be built and complete on schedule, then so can KAAC. Will you please take a moment today to pray praising God for what he WILL do. Not asking him to do something, but let us praise him for what he is doing and will do.

It is late and I am exhausted. I drove to Kigali and back today and must be at the property before 7am tomorrow for a meeting about water. I will travel back to Kigali on Wednesday for a funeral, stay the night and attend meetings on Thursday. If I may ask for one more prayer, please pray for my family. We miss each other. As you can imagine it is not easy to s pend so many weeks apart. Thank you, I know Rebecca and the kids will be thankful. I know I am.

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