14 May 2010

Rain & More Rain

It has been years since I have experienced the rainy seasons of Africa. I remember the mist that went on for days in Liberia, but it is different in Rwanda. The sun can be shining one minute and then the clouds quickly roll in and the downpour begins. This week I left the Ishema Hotel from a meeting and was headed back to the house/office when the rains came. Soaked.

When it rains is pours. Much like in life. When the rains of life begin to fall, often we feel as if it is pouring. In moments of down downpour where do you turn? In moments where the rain gradually falls faster and faster, where do you turn? In moments of a sudden downpour where do you turn?

Do you get soaked, like I did on my bike ride home this week? Do you pull out your rain suit and move into the storm, remaining dry under the plastic? Do you wear your rain boots, like my wife does, when there is a threat of rain?

I hope that you have a you have rain boots to wear just in case. Verses from the Scriptures you are able to recited when you see something may be heading your way. I hope you have a rain suit to pull out and wear as you head out into the storm, knowing that you have a Lion padding by your side.

But I also hope that at times you get soaked.

I hope that you find yourself soaked and turn to the Lord and allow Him to grab you by the hand and splash in the puddles of life, because He has it all under control. As we trust in Him, we must be confident that His ways are Sovereign, even when all we see are rain clouds and puddles. When all we hear is the rain on the zinc roof above our heads. When all we feel on our cheeks is the moisture of raindrop after raindrop.

I am off to Kigali for the first time since I have arrived in Musanze. It's time to pull out the umbrella and walk to town to catch a bus that will take me South. Look at your forecast today and if you will share, how are you prepared to handle the hours ahead.

Photo Credit Blog - Dispatches: Africa

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