01 June 2010

Home for 2.5, away for 3, home for < 24 hrs, away for 12

I am home. Well, home in the states. I arrived late on Wednesday night after almost 36 hours of travel, exhausted, but ready to see my family. Rebecca met me at the airport and we were able to enjoy a late dinner date, before heading back to our little Ozark Mountaintop.

The boys had their final day and a half of school and end of the year Cub Scout event -- with that SUMMER had officially arrived!

I had a serious case of "the jetlags," as my 6 year old calls it, and afternoon naps were becoming necessary. What better place to take naps than at a pool or hammock lakeside? We loaded up the car and headed to my in-laws house on Lake of the Ozarks. After just over 48 hours home, I was on the road again, but this time for a bit of R &R and time with my family.

We stayed as long as possible before Rebecca said, "J, we have to go. I have laundry to do, Target trip to make, clothes to label and trunks to pack." Just for the record, I was not the one lingering in a lounge chair beside the pool and she had plenty of time to make it to Target before they closed for socks, boxers and swimsuits. Our boys head to Kanakuk Kamp this afternoon.

The photo above is of my almost packed bag. On this trip the time difference is only an hour and the mountains are a little more rugged than those of Rwanda or our Ozark Mountain home. I am headed to Colorado to meet with old and new friends. Friends who believe in the work we are doing in Rwanda and support us in more ways than they may realize.

I'll be in Denver for 3 days and then head to Crested Butte for 4 and then onto Frisco before catching a plane and making it home just in time for my boys closing ceremonies at camp. I'll arrive home for 2 days and then hit the road, not the sky, for Texas.

If you are in any of those areas, please leave a comment here (or DM me on twitter or write on my facebook wall) and let me know if you would like to grab a cup of coffee and hear about the most recent activity with KAAC ~ Rwanda.

Quickly, I want to wish a happy start of the summer to our good friends at Camp Kivu inDurango, CO. Today is the first day of the first term at Camp Kivu! Braner, I'm excited about this summer for you and where you are headed. May the Lord greatly bless you and Jamie Jo, your family, theKivu staff and the campers who will attend this summer. Know that my family and I are praying for you and excited to see what this summer holds. Thank you for investing in the youth of America and doing so with a desire to show them a world outside what they currently know.

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